As a campground host, you will be fulfilling a job of public trust on public lands and providing services to visitors of all ages, including children and senior citizens, who can be quite vulnerable.  As a result, your job offer will be contingent on completing a background and DMV check.  After your offer, you will receive an email describing the process and helping you to get started. In short, you will have to electronically sign a permission form that explains your rights and then confidentially provide a few pieces of information.  Your job offer cannot proceed without completing this check, and your offer may be rescinded in certain circumstances, e.g.

  • You must have a clean DMV record for any jobs that require operating a company vehicle (DMV records typically go back 3-5 years)
  • We cannot offer employment to registered sex offenders
  • We will need to discuss with you any violent crimes on your record.  Depending on the circumstances, these may disqualify you.
  • Since you will be handling customer money, we will need to discuss with you any convictions for theft or misappropriation of funds on your record in the last 10 years.  Depending on the circumstances, these may disqualify you.

You will have full access to the same background check findings that we see.  We will not rescind your offer without discussing it with you first.  You will be given a chance to amend any false court or legal records, and our background check provider will provide you free help in doing so.

To get started, CLICK HERE TO START.   Click “apply now” and then “RRM Employee” option unless you are sure you will be assigned a company vehicle to drive, in which case select “RRM Employee with Company Vehicle”.  And then click “continue” at the bottom.  If you have a problem click the “need help” button in the upper right.